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Minimum Income, Common Goods and Democracy / Euromemorandum 2012 /

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Minimum Income, Common Goods and Democracy

The Minimum Income, Common Goods and Democracy forum was held in an occupied theatre in Rome and set out to begin articulating an alternative vision of Europe based around an idea of the commons. The agenda is closely tied to the Commons Sense campaign, but includes a wide network of organisers and participants including newspapers, academics, NGOs, and even the Municipality of Naples.

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over forty organisations, networks and social movements from eight European countries met in the Valle Theatre in Rome to coordinate a campaign around the idea of an alternative European model based on the commons for European citizens arguing that European political responses to the crisis, and to globalisation generally, represent transfers of resources from the public to the private sphere

Euromemorandum 2012

The EuroMemo Group's annual report, Euromemorandum, this year criticises EU policies that have led to the crisis and lays out a set of policy proposals that promote more integrated - but more progressive - European economic policies. The focus is on strengthening democracy and social justice by reforming trade policy, rejecting austerity, protecting labour rights, and proposing alternative models for growth.