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European Alternatives

European Alternatives is a civil society organisation devoted to exploring the potential for transnational politics and culture. The group offers a new magazine, edited by the TransEuropa group of activists and artists and published in English, Italian, and French editions offering commentary on migration, media freedom, austerity and European alternatives, interviews with artists and European MPs, and a ‘view from civil society’. Current campaigns include a rejection of the recent debates about the freedom of movement within Europe, and a new initiative to work on safeguarding media pluralism. The organisation also manages transnational forums, a social media network connecting activists in different European cities. Publications include: Manifesto the Appalled Economists, which includes 22 counter proposals to wrongheaded European proposals, Creating a European Public Sphere from the Ground Up, and European Economic Governance. Also, a series on the political crisis of European democracy. Local branches organise, for example, seminars like TransEuropa London’s Labour and Financial Transaction on 31st January.

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