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Save the Greeks from their Saviors!

Alain Badiou assails the attack on Greek society that comes in the guise of 'rescue packages' and argues that the future of European democracy rests on saving Greece from the neo-liberal, anti-democratic experiment imposed by EU institutions. He calls for an urgent multiplication of efforts and initiatives by intellectuals and artists on behalf of Greece.

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a group of French intellecturals publish an appeal urging other French and European intellectuals and citizens to publicly support the Greek people because EU policy response in Greece has serious consequences for the future of European democracy and society

Euromemorandum 2012

The EuroMemo Group's annual report, Euromemorandum, this year criticises EU policies that have led to the crisis and lays out a set of policy proposals that promote more integrated - but more progressive - European economic policies. The focus is on strengthening democracy and social justice by reforming trade policy, rejecting austerity, protecting labour rights, and proposing alternative models for growth.