Ending the Honeymoon: constructing Europe beyond the market / We Are Europe! /

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Ending the Honeymoon: constructing Europe beyond the market

The regeneration Europe group proposes an aspirational grammar for a new European generation which breaks through the dominant language of economic rationality to construct a Europe based on trust, shared aspirations, and a revived idea of the European public.

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a group of young Europeans draft a proposal appealing to a new generation of Europeans for the construction of a new idea of Europe for present and future European citizens because the dominant logic of 'Europe as a market' does not express the aspirations of young Europeans or the potential of the Union to realise them and locks Europe into a disappionting cycle of economic rationality.

We Are Europe!

Ulrich Beck warns against the dangers of saving the Euro along the lines of German euro-nationalism. Instead, he suggests a revived European democracy 'from below' which encourages civic activity across a political and cultural community.