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L’Europe mal-traitée

'Europe must become a democratic political project—which it is not at all today—one that coordinates all economic policies, including monetary policy. Economic policies must break with the logic of neoliberalism and help promote a new development model, non-productivist, freed from the stranglehold of finance, and grounded in the respect of that which is held in common and the central role of public policy and services. In order to find a way out of the crisis we should fight for a social, ecological, and feminist transition.'

Social Compact for Europe

Since 2008, the austerity measures have deepened the crisis. The ETUC is deeply concerned at the dramatic rise in unemployment in Europe, and the increasing inequality and poverty which undermines the European Social Model. Meeting at the Executive Committee, on 5-6 June, Europe’s trade union leaders adopted the Social Compact for Europe and called on

Euromemorandum 2012

The EuroMemo Group's annual report, Euromemorandum, this year criticises EU policies that have led to the crisis and lays out a set of policy proposals that promote more integrated - but more progressive - European economic policies. The focus is on strengthening democracy and social justice by reforming trade policy, rejecting austerity, protecting labour rights, and proposing alternative models for growth.