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European Day of Action and Solidarity

The Executive Committee of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) called for a Day of Action and Solidarity, across Europe on 14 November in order to mobilise the European trade union movement behind the ETUC policies set out in the ‘Social compact for Europe’.

European Days of Action

'The 400 participants of the Action Conference from February 24th to 26th in Frankfurt/ Main, Germany, have decided to call for days of protest from May 17th to 19th against the crisis dictatorship of the European Union. We resist the disaster that is applied to Greece and other countries, against the impoverishment and denial of rights of millions of people and the practical abolition of democratic procedures resulting from the decisions of the Troika consisting of ECB, EU and IMF.'

European Action Conference

'2011 was an action-packed year. Inspired by the rise-ups in North Africa, hundreds of thousands of people around the world demonstrated against the global Capitalist crisis. In Greece one general strike took place after another; in Israel massive demonstrations against the rising cost of living filled the streets; in Spain tens of thousands of people camped in the central plazas; in the USA, Occupy Wall Street bolstered a worldwide movement; finally enthusiasm for taking to the streets reached Putin’s Russia as well as Nigeria. Germany, on the other hand, has remained relatively quiet. It’s high time to end this complacence and to send a signal of solidarity with this worldwide resistance, a signal against the Troika and their masters in Frankfurt and Berlin. For this reason, 250 activists, from various networks throughout Germany, met in Frankfurt on January 22. These activists arranged a European Action Conference, to take place in an eventful spring of 2012.'

Minimum Income, Common Goods and Democracy

The Minimum Income, Common Goods and Democracy forum was held in an occupied theatre in Rome and set out to begin articulating an alternative vision of Europe based around an idea of the commons. The agenda is closely tied to the Commons Sense campaign, but includes a wide network of organisers and participants including newspapers, academics, NGOs, and even the Municipality of Naples.

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over forty organisations, networks and social movements from eight European countries met in the Valle Theatre in Rome to coordinate a campaign around the idea of an alternative European model based on the commons for European citizens arguing that European political responses to the crisis, and to globalisation generally, represent transfers of resources from the public to the private sphere