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We Are More

Manifesto of the Europe-wide arts advocacy campaign ‘we are more’

- We are many individuals that value and shape contemporary European cultures. We are more than many. We are more than producers and consumers. We are committed to cultural rights, education and active citizenship.

- We believe that the strong tradition of public funding of the arts across Europe makes a difference to the diversity, accessibility and quality of the arts available to us all.

The arts, culture and the humanities engage and inspire us, and stimulate us to challenge the world we live in.Investing in the arts from kindergarten to old age builds societies that are creative, innovative, democratic and diverse. Let us re-imagine long-term public investment that contributes to human, social and environmental progress.

National governments and EU policymakers are currently taking decisions on the next EU budget that will influence the next ten years of support to cultural activities that benefit everyone who lives in Europe.

Help us collect 100.000 signatures before the 10th of May 2012 when the Culture Ministers of all EU Member States meet in Brussels – sign the manifesto now and check out the national targets for collecting signatures in your country!

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