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Avanti Europe Manifesto

Avanti Europe was triggered by EU MP Franziska Brantner (Greens).

We are group of committed European citizens willing to shake Europe together by giving a voice to European citizens and create pressure on European decision makers. We come from various backgrounds and express our personal opinions only.

Our Manifesto: Avanti Europe!

Europe is at a tipping point.
… The debt crisis, which a year ago still looked manageable, is out of control.
… Member states are in bad economic shape and the entire Union seems in economic and political decline.
… Instead of being a factor for deeper integration, the Euro has created systemic risk for the entire European Union.
… What was considered inconceivable only yesterday, is now a distinct possibility: Europe is not too big to fail.
… Our national leaders promised help but look more and more helpless by the day.
… And the markets, seen by some as an early warning system, now also play an active part in making the crisis worse.

And us? Where are we in all this?

Nobody asks our opinion. We are merely invited to watch as Europe turns into a crisis zone.

We categorically oppose the way most major European decisions are taken today: by heads of state behind closed doors.
But we know that Europe belongs to us.

We oppose many of the decisions taken at European level.
But we want no return to the nation-state.

We have doubts and many questions. And we know there are no easy answers.
But we also know that there are no answers to the big questions without Europe.
This is why Europe must move on.

We passionately believe that we need an open and honest debate. We want a European debate that avoids the dangerous trap of populism.
Together, we might get better answers.

And we want to build pressure from below for our voices to be heard.
There are too many armchair Europeans. We need active Europeans.
We want Europe to move on, with us.

The immediate goal of our movement is to offer a space for sharing information, for debating, for networking, for launching campaigns on and offline, and ultimately for making the 2014 European Parliament election a real election of direction. There are enough European issues which can be fought over politically and emotionally … How can Europe safeguard prosperity and stability in the future? How can the power of financial markets be restrained? What should a social policy of redistribution look like? How can we create opportunities and potential for younger generations? What industrial policy should we adopt in the age of globalization? How can we ensure that Europe remains a strong political and economic actor on the global stage? What is the best sustainable energy policy and which education policies will keep us internationally competitive? And, crucially, what kind of European institutions do we need to achieve all this?

We are independent, open, political and emotional. Social media can open up new opportunities, but it should not replace ‘old’ political communication. We need the best of traditional communication and campaigning: face to face discussions, posters, graffiti, TV. We need creativity. Europe must be visible online and offline with a civil lobby of its own. Only then will we find a sustainable way out of the European crisis.

If you love Europe but are worried about its direction, act now!

“Avanti Europe” was initiated by the following concerned Europeans:

Alina Girbea, Bucharest
Anand Menon, United Kingdom
Andre Wilkens, Berlin
Christian Bodewig, Hanoi
Eric Bonse, Brussels
Eric Hollander, Brussels
Daphne Büllesbach, Berlin
Farid Tabarki, Amsterdam
Fouad Hamdan, Amsterdam
Franziska Brantner, Brussels
Inge Ferwerda, Brussels
Isabelle Schwarz, Amsterdam
Jakob Jurczyk-Bäumer, Brussels/Munich
Jane Golding, Berlin/London
Jose Manuel Bassat, Barcelona/Washington D.C.
Kirsty Hughes, Oxford
Magda Abraham, Poland
Marc Sabadi, Barcelona
Nacho Torreblanca, Madrid
Nick van Praag,Vienna
Kristin S. Hjalmtysdottir, Reykjavik
Kristjan Kristjansson, Reykjavik
Michiel van Hulten, Brussels
Olivier Ramsayer, Parma
Patrick Worms, Brussels
Peter Wicks, Brussels
Rana Aydin, Düsseldorf
Spyros Michailidis, Athens
Thomas Houdaille, Paris
Tilia Boussios, Athens
Trent zum Mallen, Berlin/München

The opinions expressed by the initiators of “Avanti Europe” are theirs alone, and do not reflect the opinions of any organisation they are part of or working for.

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