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Austerity is Not Enough! We Need a Federal Europe, United and Democratic

The European political debate is now dramatically focused solely on the search of rigid rules for fiscal and financial discipline. It ignores completely the need for sustainable development, for appropriate policies aimed at the workplace, the need for social solidarity and sustainable development. Nobody talks about the welfare of EU citizens, including that of immigrants from third countries who demand an inclusive society. This approach is the basis of the international treaty ‘to strengthn the economic union’. However, de facto it only strengthens control over national budgets; it risks condemning the whole of Europe to a recession, and to economic and political marginalisation.

We believe it is urgent to pave the way for solutions to the European project which offer the possibility of recovering its founding spirit, which put the central focus on persons instead of on the market, and which benefit all, rather than merely serving the wealth of the fniancial elite. To overcome the difficult crisis we are undergoing, we need a political vision, and a determination to break that alliance that reduces the scope of EU action to the sole control over financial rigour.

We believe it is possible to adopt, in the framework of existing treaties and regulations, the necessary urgent measures to overcome the risk of ‘default’ on the euro and, in doing so, of the European project as a whole. These measures must be adopted, on the basis of a proposal from the Commission, by the European Parliament and the Council acting by a majority, or through an enhanced cooperation. In the framework of existing treaties, the EU is without doubt able to launch an extensive programme of growth and sustainable development based on ‘project bonds’ for investment, which have a European dimension in renewable and alternative energy, in research and innovation, in mobility for young people, and the completion of a social market economy.

We also believe that the social question – and, in particular, the issue of social exclusion – as well as the gradual erosion of the elements that are essential to Europeans’ welfare, are two key priorities for the future of the EU and its neighbours.

Finally, we are convinced that in this context, only a true political union based on a federal, united and democratic model will save the Euro, and with it the European project. We believe that the way to do this inevitably implies that the European Parliament prepares a comprehensive and ambitious project to revise the Treaty of Lisbon on the basis of Article 48 TEU.

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