Protected: Draft Reports

For the initial report, each research team produced their own country or region specific case-study. These were initially presented at a meeting of the Subterranean Politics research group in March 2012, and have been developed into chapters for the book Subterranean Politics in Europe (Kaldor M., and Selchow S., eds, Palgrave Macmillan, forthcoming). The draft reports are available for academic researchers working on related topics.

For more information and access, please contact the project editor in the Civil Society and Human Security Unit at the LSE.

  • Germany ‘The Swarm Intelligence: Mapping Subterranean Politics in Germany’, Helmut K. Anheier and Anne Nassauer
  • Italy ’2011: A Year of Protest on Social Justice in Italy’, Donatella della Porta, Lorenzo Mosca and Louisa Parks
  • London ‘Politics, Process and the Absence of Europe: Subterranean Politics in London’, Sean Deel, Tamsin Murray-Leach and Maro Pantazidou
  • Hungary ‘Hungary at the Vanguard of Europe’s Rearguard? Emerging Subterranean Politics and Civil Dissent’, Jody Jensen with Erin Saltman and Hajnalka Szarvas
  • Spain ‘The 15-M Movement: a bet for radical democracy’, Jordi Bonet i Martí
  • Trans-European Study I ‘European alternatives: Trajectories of mobilisation and policy projects for responding to Europe’s crisis’, Mario Pianta and Paolo Gerbaudo
  • Trans-European Study II ‘Subterranean politics: European progressive activists: Obstacles on the road towards an “Alter-Europe”‘, Geoffrey Pleyers with Bartolomeo Conti