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25 Feb 2015

Subterranean Politics in Europe After the Greek Elections

Watch Professor Mary Kaldor discuss activism, Europe and the aftermath of the Greek elections with Ludovica Rogers and Hara Kouki. The conversation was organised by LSE’s Civil Society and Human Security Research Unit in collaboration with Euro Crisis in the Press and with funding from the Open Society Initiative for Europe (OSIFE). You can also read our recent report, Crisis Discourses in Europe: Media EU-phemisms and Alternative Narratives, here.

30 Jun 2014

Crisis Discourses in Europe

This new report sets out to explore the dominant discourses around the euro crisis to understand why there appears to be such a mismatch between the concerns of subterranean political activists and the way in which the crisis is framed in the dominant discourse.

26 Jun 2013

Subterranean Politics at the Institute of International and European Affairs

Mary Kaldor presented the findings of the Subterranean Politics project at the Institute of International and European Affairs.

06 Mar 2013

New Event: German Europe: Are there Alternatives?

In this event, Ulrich Beck, Daniel Cohn-Bendit and Mary Kaldor discuss the current political crisis and how to reinvent democracy in Europe.

07 Nov 2012

Ulrich Beck on openDemocracy

Ulrich Beck argues in openDemocracy that despite the flurry of supposed activity in mainstream politics around the future of Europe, the political tactic currently being employed is one of doing nothing.

18 Oct 2012

ECFR Black Coffee Morning: Subterranean Politics in Europe

Mary Kaldor and Mike Richmond of the Occupied Times discuss Subterranean Politics at the European Council on Foreign Relations.

17 Oct 2012

British Politics and Policy

Mary Kaldor writes about how 'subterranean politics' reveals a frustration with current political practices.

12 Oct 2012

Subterranean Politics week at openDemocracy

openDemocracy has published a series of articles written by the Subterranean Politics research teams.

26 Jun 2012

Project Syndicate

Mary Kaldor and Sabine Selchow discuss the political crisis underlying the crisis in the Eurozone.

06 Mar 2012

European Politics and Policy Blog

Mary Kaldor writes about technocrats and 'subterranean' political actors.