Subterranean Politics in Europe

Subterranean Politics in Europe is a research collaboration based at the London School of Economics and Political Science exploring bottom-up politics across Europe through case studies in Germany, Spain, Italy, Hungary and London.

The Research

From the summary: This is one of those rare moments in history when subterranean politics ‘bubbles up’ to the surface. What we mean by subterranean politics is politics that is not usually visible in mainstream political debates...

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The Subterranean Politics project collated information on trans-European political initiatives that arose in response to the political and economic crisis.

News and Links

30 Jun 2014 - Crisis Discourses in Europe
This new report sets out to explore the dominant discourses around the euro crisis to understand why there appears to be such a mismatch between the concerns of subterranean political activists and the way in which the crisis is framed in the dominant discourse.

26 Jun 2013 - Subterranean Politics at the Institute of International and European Affairs
Mary Kaldor presented the findings of the Subterranean Politics project at the Institute of International and European Affairs.

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Crisis Discourses in Europe

Media EU-phemisms and Alternative Narratives

In partnership with LSE’s Euro Crisis in the Press team, the background paper reviews the latest empirical studies on media coverage of the euro crisis across the continent, analyses national and trans-European polling data, and draws upon collaborations with academics from across Europe who are working on projects related to perceptions of the crisis. The paper thus acts both as literature review and (non-statistical) meta-analysis of the current research available.

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